Diets Should Be Delicious

Flavrz lets you in
on the real skinny

Flavrz brings you the sweet rewards of delicious, all-natural flavor you can indulge in with a clear, low calorie conscious.   You can make Flavrz as light as you want from flavored water at 9 calories per serving (1 teas) to a fully-flavored drink at 50 calories (2 tbsp). 

New research shows artificial sweeteners are linked to weight gain. But there is a solution. Harvard School of Public Health's recent report suggests low sugar, low calorie drinks like Flavrz are actually healthier for you than artificially sweetened beverages with no sugar. And drinking just a little sugar helps you feel full after meals and snacks.

If that's not enough reason enough to give up artificial sweeteners, other research links them to stroke.

Flavrz gives you all the good stuff and nothing scary. Now you can enjoy delicious tasting, natural low calorie drinks that are healthy for the whole of you, not just your waistline.